Corns and Calluses

foot corn removal Do you have thick, hardened layers of skin on the bottom of your feet? Chances are that you are suffering from common conditions called corns and/or calluses, which often develop in areas where there is pressure from your shoes.

Corn and calluses are a result of your skin trying to protect itself from friction or pressure from ill-fitting shoes and slipping socks. Most corns on toes form due to hammer toes or misalignment of the toes, while most calluses form on the ball of the foot and are due to poor alignment of one or more of the long bones of the foot called metatarsal bones.

Risk Factors for Corns and Calluses

You are at an increased risk for corns and calluses if you:

  • Suffer from bunions or hammer toes
  • Have foot deformities
  • Forego socks when wearing shoes


  • Skin is thick and rough
  • A raised, hardened bump has appeared
  • Experiencing tenderness or pain under your skin
  • Skin is flaky, dry or waxy


corns_calluses3A podiatrist can effectively determine the cause of your corns and calluses. Only then is it possible to truly plan a course of treatment. However, podiatrists can also prevent any further exacerbation of the condition by recommending changes in footwear, custom orthotics or corn pads.

If a corn or callus persists or becomes painful, and your self-treatments have proved ineffective, there are medical treatments available which include removal of the excess skin, medications, and surgery.

Dr. Regal explains more about calluses, plantar warts and other similar conditions in this video.

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