Bunion Laser Treatment: Is It Possible?

Hallux valgus OPToday’s medical technology allows medical professionals to treat a variety of conditions faster and with less pain. A great example of this is the use of laser technology. Lasers focus a high-intensity light that can create a precise cut while reducing the amount of bleeding. We get a lot of questions from patients suffering from painful bunions wondering if a laser surgery is available for bunion correction.

Unfortunately, bunion laser treatment offers little resolution when it comes to correcting bunions. Lasers are an excellent tool when treating many types of cosmetic issues, and are known to result in less pain and complications, but they are not the best option when correcting a bunion. Lasers are best used for soft-tissue and skin surgeries, not for surgeries involving bone, as it cannot cut through it.

In addition, since bunion surgery requires realigning the bone, a laser is not an effective form of treatment. In fact, a laser would burn the bone, rather than providing a clean cut, which would affect the healing process and overall success of the surgery.

Most patients looking for laser bunion surgery are most likely seeking a surgery that will result in less recovery and a more aesthetic foot with minimal scarring and disfiguration. Even without lasers, surgeons use plastic surgery techniques to keep the incision off the top of the foot. There are many modern techniques that surgeons use to minimalize recovery time. Advanced techniques have made down time and recovery shorter than ever.

Instead of ignoring the pain caused by irksome bunions, click here to request an appointment. It’s never too late to live pain-free.

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