FAQs: Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungal Infections

well-groomed toys on a single female footIf you’re suffering from a fungal nail infection, you’re not alone. In fact, toenail fungus is an incredibly common condition that affects millions of people annually. Fungal nail infections are curable through several different methods, but the most effective avenue is the FDA-approved Q-Clear laser treatment.

Before you accept any treatment plan, you need to know the facts and have your questions answered. The following are common questions the podiatrists at Triad Foot Center have received from their patients.

How does Q-Clear laser treatment work?

Your podiatrist will use the specially designed laser, which is FDA-approved, to vaporize the fungus living underneath your nail bed and plate. This is not an invasive procedure, as the laser shines directly through your nail into the infected area.

Is it painful?

No. Laser treatment is painless and has no effect on the healthy tissue surrounding the infection.

Is it safe?

Yes. During clinical testing, the Q-Clear laser treatment was approved by the FDA and had no adverse reactions or known side effects. The specialists at Triad Foot Center have been safely treating patients and have had no issues arise from its use.

How long will the treatment take to receive results?

It only takes a few minutes to treat each nail. Patients typically need about one to three sessions to fully eradicate the fungal cells, but it largely depends on the severity of the infection. Toenails take an average of six to nine months to replace dead cells with new, live ones. Within three months, a new healthy nail should begin to show.

What is the effectiveness rate?

Clinical tests showed that 88 percent of patients showed significant improvement. In most cases, the fungal cells were completely eliminated from the nail bed and plate.

Do I have to take supplemental medication?

No drugs or topical ointments are required. However, topical or oral medication may be prescribed in conjunction with treatment, which depends on your diagnosis.

Do I need to stay off my feet following treatment?

No. You can resume normal activity immediately. The treatment doesn’t harm or hinder you in any way.

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